Jack Higgins: Political Cartoonist

If you Google Jack Higgins, you’ll probably find that other guy. You know, the one that wrote the book, “The Eagle Has Landed”? Well there’s another Jack Higgins in town who writes, and that’s me. I draw political cartoons, too. And that’s what my new book is all about. 

So welcome to my site! Browse around, look at some of my cartoons, and have a good laugh. You can order my book from Amazon by clicking on the book cover image below.  


More info is on my About My Book page.  

And, I expect to update my News page shortly, which will show Book Reviews (crossing my fingers here). 

Eventually, I’ll be putting up more of my Portfolio - so “stay tooned” for that!

Contact me at jhiggins@suntimes.com. 


Pulitzer Prize Winning Political Cartoonist