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"Editorial cartoonists, like film critics and indeed editors, are an endangered species in these days of the Internet tsunami against the printed press. I am proud that my paper continues to be the home of one of the greatest. Jack is a Pulitzer Prize winner in a proud tradition at the Sun-Times, where both Jacob Burck and Bill Mauldin won the prize before him, and John Fischetti won it at our sister newspaper, the Chicago Daily News. This book shows why he so richly deserves it."

—Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times, columnist, from the Foreword

"Jack Higgins is the one cartoonist who truly understands the Chicago Way. On my office wall—on a hallowed spot next to last year's White Sox schedule and the takeout menu from CND Gyros and Lounge—there is a Jack Higgins cartoon based on one of my columns. It's the nicest journalism award a Chicago reporter can receive: a Jack Higgins cartoon. Thanks, Jack."

—John Kass, Chicago Tribune, columnist

"Chicago, City of Big Shoulders! They tell me that politics in this city has been elevated to an art form, and I believe them, for I have seen the faces of politicians in Jack Higgins’ cartoons. If you want to see the soul of Chicago as it truly is, in its husky, brawling, crooked, proud heart, then this book has what you want. Jack Higgins portrays the essence of Chicago as only he can see it."

—Roger Myerson, University of Chicago, economist, and 2007 Nobel Laureate

"Jack Higgins sees Chicago through a razored set of lenses—in shadow, around corners, and through keyholes and hearts, uncovering the antics and intentions of some of our city's most colorful characters. He sketches their legacies and their dreams, their proudest moments, secret ambitions, and darkest deeds. Nobody willingly poses for his portraits that read like a Rorschach test."

—Edward M. Burke, City of Chicago, alderman

"Jack Higgins fills in what the editorial writers leave out. His commentary resonates more with the working people of Chicago than anyone else's."

—Dennis Gannon, Chicago Federation of Labor, president

"Jack Higgins isn't just a brilliant cartoonist...he's a brilliant reporter of the news, saying in one drawing what most of us can't say in a thousand words of copy."

—Carol Marin, Chicago Sun-Times, columnist, and NBC 5 News Chicago, political editor

"Jack Higgins is funny and serious. His cartoons are worth more than a thousand words. He is the first thing I look for in Chicago papers every morning. With Jack Higgins, everyone, and I mean everyone, is fair game. He can be warm and wonderful or he can be a brick to the head. He is Chicago."

—James "Skinny" Sheahan, Chicago political veteran

"Sometimes without a word, always with brilliant artistry, never ambivalent or ambiguous, humor is his sword, and Higgins’ point of view cuts to the truth."

—Bob Sirott, NBC 5 News Chicago, anchor/reporter

"Like so many of his fans, I view Higgins' cartoons with wonder and awe. How does he consistently transform real-life triumphs and tragedy into elegant sketches of truth and humor? Higgins is the master of his craft."

—Warner Saunders, NBC Universal, WMAQ anchor/reporter

"Jack Higgins embodies the pursuit of consistent excellence. His soul flows from his pen."

—John H. White, Chicago Sun-Times, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer


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